Wednesday, August 13, 2003

There are certain things in life that you just know are fact. The certainty that you'll die and pay taxes are just two of them. I've discovered another one.

On my death bed, that friggin phone is gonna ring, and it's either going to be my son asking me, "what are you doing?", or a telemarketer trying to sell me some freaking life insurance!!

The little older lady over on the other gravel road called me this afternoon. She invited me to a "meeting of the ladies" from her church. I told her thank you very much for the invitation but I had to decline because I was not feeling well, she replied that I did not sound well either (after removing myself from my prone position on the couch and a stumbling hunt for the phone,,I reckon I didn't sound so good). What I did not tell her was that I would be kinda nervous about attending a meeting with her church ladies. They are of the Penecostal Faith, I call it the holy roller's church.

I only ever attended one of their services back when I was a kid and about mid-way through the service when some of the ladies on the first row started rolling around in the floor and talking weird, I was looking for an exit or a place to make one. Some of these churches also have snake handlers, and I know for certain that I would not be able to politely sit through a service with snakes in attendance. I do believe I will be trying to avoid this little lady in the future.

Such was my day.

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