Saturday, August 16, 2003

That Special K has a way of reminding me of the good ole days. (the bee incident).

I've written before about my 3 "city" cousins who used to come spend time with us in the summer down on the farm. Hoppy (Gordon), Mike, and Dennis were sure greenhorns and my sisters and I had the best time teaching them the ropes!

I think it was Mike that we talked into riding a sapling one day. It took 4 of us to pull that little, stout tree over far enough for him to climb on and he barely had a good hold when we said "hang ON" and let er loose! I seem to recall Grandma giving us all a good whipping after daubbing his injuries with the idodine that she kept on hand for such emergencies. The whipping memory is faint because we got so many of them, it's not easy to remember which one went with which adventure.

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