Tuesday, August 12, 2003

I woke this morning with aches and fever but decided I would have to get better or die so I went to meet my friend as planned. Afterwards I shopped for vaccum food sealer bags and I finally made it home around 11, still feverish, but not dead.

I arrived home to tackle the reboot error problem that I was having with my computer last night (or was it this morning?). On my morning drive, I had heard news on the radio about a new worm virus (w32/lovsan.worm) that was wrecking havoc and felt the dread begin after they described the actions the worm would take. It seems that all you had to do was be connected to the internet to get the damn thing due to some loophole that Microsoft, in it's all holy wisdom, left open again for people who do these things.

I have over 860,000 files on this puter...do you know how long it takes to run a virus scan over that many files??? A LONG FUCKING TIME!! Therefore, my afternoon has been spent on the phone with my virus tech support, and downloading and installing a fix and doing another scan. Finally here I am. Still pissed off but finally through with it (hopefully, since I've not had the error message or a auto reboot in over an hour now).

And I still feel like shit warmed over.

Time for a beer!!!!!

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