Friday, August 01, 2003

The trip to the gulf was great! We made good time on the way down to Biloxi. The drive across to Batesville where we got on I55 going south wasn't as bad as it has been. It's just a two lane highway across the delta so it is not unusual to suddenly be poking along behind a load of hay, cows or a piece of farm equipment.

We crossed the Tallahachi River right before we got to Batesville and left the flatlands behind. Crossing that river always makes me think of that song about Billy Joe McAllister (the one I can never remember the name of from wayyyy back yonder).
We grabbed a sandwich before hitting the interstate and then settled at a steady 75 mph for the 2 hour leg of the trip to Jackson, MS.

We stopped just on the south side of Jackson, in Florence, for a pee break and to top off the gas tank. At Jackson we exited onto Hwy 49 and continued our drive south through Hattisburg and on to the gulf. The drive was nicer because we actually went through all the little towns with the quaint names like Seminary and Sanatorium and the small rolling hills and pine trees offered a break from the flat land we are used to in the delta.

When we arrived in Gulf Port, we turned onto Hwy 90 which followed the beach and we didn't have far to go before we entered the Biloxi city limits and found our hotel. We hurriedly unloaded the truck and changed into our suits and went across to the beach where Nanny took a nice little nap in the sun.

Around 6, after Cheryl got a little hug from a jellyfish and Zach walked atop the waves back to the beach, we went to our room, showered and went out to O'Charlies for shrimp and crab appetizers and a grilled shrimp entree. After a couple of coronas, Nanny was ready to call it a day so the kids took a swim in the hotel pool and I put on pjs and read until bedtime.

On Tuesday we slept until after 9 and after breakfast and a quick trip to Wal mart we spent the day on the beach.

Two evenings while the kids were busy in the pool, I want to the lounge downstairs and had a few drinks and great conversation with a woman I met who was there from Shreveport, LA. We even danced a few times with some hunky studs from a construction crew that were staying there while they worked. Best of all, the beers were cold, and the margaritas strong!

On Wednesday it was stormy off and on in the morning so we gave up the beach after Zach had a jellyfish sting on his tummy. They played in the pool for most of the afternoon and Nanny had another good nap.

It was sad to have to pack up and come home yesterday but I was quite sure that I didn't want to stay a day longer with a big convention coming up today. The traffic was pretty bad without a lot of extras!

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