Tuesday, August 26, 2003

I'm sitting with the Chickie again today. The regular sitter is taking her daughter to the doctor and Lexi refuses to stay with the backup sitter. I guess it's a good thing she loves her Nanny but Nanny sure is worn out at the end of the day.

On Sunday, I heard on the news that a 7 yr old girl was missing from her home in Memphis. The mother was interviewed on television and she was upset that there had been no news coverage about her daughter's disappearance nor had it been issued on the national "Amber Alert" system until Sunday. The woman appeared to be much calmer than I could have been in that situation.

Last night a news alert came on during regular programming with information that the pink scooter had been found across the street from the child's home near an empty house. When officers were called to investigate, they found a child's body inside the house but they have not confirmed that it is the body of the missing child as yet.

This all sounds odd to me. A 7 yr., missing since Saturday afternoon, police, family, and neighbors searching, and no one goes across the street to the empty house to search the yard AND the house? Holy Shit people,,I'd be on my freaking KNEES looking for clues to find MY child, and an empty house nearby would be the FIRST place I'd look. I don't understand what is going on here, but I'll be watching the news for updates. A child is dead, how much more tragic can it get?


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