Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Do I look like I need to be irritated, agitated, and aggravated this morning??? Haloscan must think so cause they let me post a comment or two on some favorite blogs and now they are being a bitch and I can't get the comment thingy's to come up. Mine aren't showing up at ALL. Damn it anyway.....

In the past 18+ hours, I've come to understand why there is that time in your life (mainly over 40) when your baby making hardware (or is it software?) seems to go wacky. When Zach was a baby, a few short years ago, it was hard enough. Now that I'm too close to the mid-century mark, it's taking a VERY heavy toll.

My son delivered Alexis (the little southern chickie) at around 3 yesterday because her mommy just got a promotion at work and had to go out of town overnight for a training class for the new position. My son, Chickie's daddy, had to be up at 4 am this morning for work, so they asked Nanny if she could handle having the Chick overnight and until Mommy gets home this evening.

You know Nanny won't turn down a challenge, so here's Nanny, after a night sleeping with the Chick surrounded by mountains of pillows. But Nanny didn't get much sleep because she worried that the Chick might get over the mountains and fall on her head. Then Chick decides at 4 a.m. this morning that it's time to get up and play. Nanny is not a happy camper at 6 a.m. in the mornings, so you can imagine how much fun she was at 4!

I got the sweetie back to sleep in time to wake Zach up for school. I had him sitting at the island in the kitchen having pancakes when the neighbor's little girl came over to ride to school with us and she decided that she needed pancakes too. I fixed the Chick some tutti-frutti in her feeder doo-hickey and after getting Zach dressed, brushed and flossed and his snack packed, I got the Chick up, in her car seat with feeder stuck in her mouth, and off we went to school.

Once back home, the chick played, which gave me time to start my new virus program downloading. After that I put her in her chair and gave her a cookie while I washed the dishes. Once the cookie was consumed, the Chick had to be dunked in the tub too. I rocked her to sleep and now Nanny is sitting here with a hot cup of coffee, a cig, reading her favorite blogs while jumping up every few minutes to go and make sure the Chick hasn't climbed the mountain of pillows in her sleep.

Whew.............Did I mention that this Nanny is about to get too damned old for adventures and challenges? Now let me go see why there is a freakin helicopter circling around out here..if that fucker thinks he's going to land, he's in for a rude surprise! Dang I hope they don't think my autumn sunflowers is pot again!!

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