Tuesday, August 05, 2003

I feel the stress building up again too soon after my few days in the sun. The short break has made me a tad resentful about my position here as chief cook, housekeeper, and childcare provider. Hubby dared to mention in passing how he sure would appreciate some "special service". After I responded with, "Yeah, right, Valentino", he decided that dropping the subject would probably allow him to continue breathing. I just don't see the point in expending the energy to satisfy his 10 minutes of glory.

I have a cold too...this sucks.

I've been doing a little checking and our 19th Annual King Biscuit Blues Fest is scheduled for Oct. 9th, 10th, and 11th this year. I reckon I'm gonna rest up a bit and hopefully my sisters will come for at least one night of the fest to party. As soon as I find their 2003 web site I'll be hooking ya'll up with the link.
Here are some photos from previous Fests......

2001 with my sister Paula

2001 with Terri,,and who knows who that dude is beside us!

Robert B. Jones, singin dem blues....

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