Wednesday, August 20, 2003

I thought I was going to bed, but I stumbled upon this little newsy item....Freaky!

~ Some miraculous prodigies weep blood and speak fluently in tongues they were never taught. Others exhibit stigmatic echoes of the wounds of Jesus Christ. For more than two weeksATTACK OF THE FLYBOY! earlier this summer, 13-year-old Chandan Goswami of West Bengal had full-grown winged insects flying out of his penis, the result of a bizarre and exceedingly rare type of parasitic infection of the bladder. Kinda makes your skin crawl to think of it, but you know, if this kid had played his cards right, he would be head guru at a brand-new Ashram right now, raking in wads of dough from gullible starlets and dim-witted "searchers" who might view his vile infestation as something beautiful and worthy of reverence… like this disease was symbolic of his power as a "hermaphroditic giver of life" or something. He could have given that ridiculous pick-pocket scam artist Sai Baba a run for his money!

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