Tuesday, March 23, 2004



Did a load of laundry.

Put together my new vacuum (the old one ate a sock and is acting ugly)

Drove to Forrest City and bought a helmet so Zach can ride the ATV with PopPop

Went to the Tax office there and did a client's return

Arrived back home after 6 and cooked supper (sausage, eggs, and biscuits cause I forgot to put something from the freezer out to thaw)

Helped with homework

Fought with Zach to get him IN the tub for a bath

Fought with Zach to get him OUT of the tub after bath.

Collapsed due to frustration and stress and started reading a new book.


I must

Hang curtains in toy room

Try out the new vacuum

Prepare myself to also have two of Zach's little sisters here until tomorrow evening

Do the rest of the laundry

Keep my cool

Help with homework

Cook dinner

Not think of anything else to put on this list!


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