Thursday, March 18, 2004

Tripping the Rift

If ya'll haven't already been by the Scifi Channel and taken a look at Tripping the Rift, you should!! It can pass as a children's show with the great animations but has just enough naughtiness to keep even the most bored of us entertained.

*a foulmouthed violet alien

*a shiny gold robot with a prissy accent

*a babe that makes Seven of Nine look about as sexy as an engine block (okay, a well-lubricated engine block)

I'm talking about Tripping the Rift, the new animated series that started last fall on the SciFi channel. These guys go beyond skewering science fiction archetypes and cliches. They impale them, draw and quarter them, and then dance exhuberantly among the entrails.

The Tripping The Rift preview is now available for download, and ranks right up there among the funniest shit I've seen in forever. Download it now. Uh... "Make it so." Or something.

(Warning: includes gratuitous violence to stormtroopers, crude sexual byplay, and evil clowns with lightsabers. May not be suitable for children younger than 12, or George Lucas)

This space babe is my favorite character. T'Nuk in all her glory!

I have been entertained!

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