Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Ok, NOW I'm pissed

My daughter's wonderful sister-in-law couldn't wait to inform her this morning about a remark one of her co-workers had made. It seems the lady couldn't believe that Jami hadn't been arrested yet for child endangerment. This crime is defined as follows:

When a child's parent or custodian, by reason of cruelty, mental incapacity, immorality or depravity, is unfit to properly care for him or her, or neglects or refuses to provide necessary physical, affectional, medical, surgical or institutional care for him or her or is under such improper care or control as to endanger his or her morals or health.

Arkansas laws concerning ATVs require a minimum age of 12 for operation of the vehicle UNLESS there is supervision. There are no laws concerning passengers.

My daughter is guilty of bad judgment, distraction when trying to amuse 4 little ones, and of being a disorganized ding-bat. I guess they'll have to arrest me too cause I'm just as guilty, if not more, of the same crimes. Actually I don't believe jail would be more punishment than what she's going through right now.

This Nanny just fired off an email to above mentioned "sister-in-law" stating that if further remarks were necessary that they'd best be made to me and I'll gladly go to jail for assault in the matter if need be.

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