Friday, March 26, 2004

I'm so proud to be living in America!

Tiff posted this over at Mind Diversion.

All and hosted sites are banned in China starting this morning, a week after China has agreed to amend its constitution to respect human rights. This is another move by the Central government to curb free speech and freedom of information on the Internet. This is the first time in two years that China has blocked access to foreign servers that host personal sites.

Last week saw two hosting services within China, blogbus and blogscn banned. After shutting down forums and message boards with in the country, it’s now using blocking software to stop information from leaking into the county via personal sites, an increasingly vibrant China internet community, and a place where users are slipping in banned information. Some sites in the blogging community are turning black in protest of this event while others are reporting the incident. So far sites in Hong Kong, US, Canada, and the Netherlands has done so.

Ya'll surf over to Mind Diversion and click to read the report.

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