Saturday, March 13, 2004


I woke up at 8 a.m. this morning with Zach staring nose to nose at me. I screamed and he ran. That's not such a good way to wake up a nearly 50 yr old fat lady but it did get my heart to pumping right smartly. I wonder if that's considered acceptable cardio exercise?

I made my way to the kitchen to throw some cereal and milk into a bowl for my alarm clock and when I'd just sat down to enjoy my first cup, in walked Jami with the girls. Since I was at the computer doing my sippin, I had to hurry up and finish up what I was doing in order to stand guard since the mobile little ladies act up very badly when their momma is around. MeriKate couldn't join them in their search and destroy mission today so I only had 2/3rds of the troops to curtail. Zach wasn't on his best behavior either and got ass spats twice before 10.

Then the visitors arrived.

While I was in the shower and preparing a sponge bath for MeriKate, Jami's friend Scarlett arrived (aka KaKa) with her 15 mon old son. Normally this would have meant an increase in security at the home front, but KaKa is really good about keeping up with her little one (accept for the one time when he tried to take out my glass storm door with a toy tractor), and she even helped a bit by riding herd over Zach and his sisters.

Georgie and Jessica from next door dropped by next.

Then Cindy, one of Jami's neighbors, with her 9 yr old son.

James called around 11 to ask me how I was enjoying a more peaceful day without the extra kids and I held up the phone a minute to let him hear all the wonderful peace then asked him how he thought I was enjoying it.

I heated up some chicken noodle soup for the troops at noon, let it boil over and smoked up the kitchen and living room. After that I decided it might be a good idea for Nanny to slip away for a short time, so I threw on some clothes, grabbed my purse and told Jami I needed to pick up a few groceries.

That hours peace was soooooooo sweet.

I arrived back home and cooked supper for three families and now they've all gone home and I'm so damned tired I don't know my ass from a hole in the ground.

So what fun things did everyone else do today??

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