Saturday, March 06, 2004

Piddling Saturday

I've been piddling around all day. I woke up around 7 and mumbled a mornin to the neighbor and my son who'd been here drinking coffee with hubby for who knows how long. After a few cups I was among the living again and started in on the laundry and checked in on a few blogs. Then off to town to buy food for the bunch that seems to appear around supper time on the weekends here. I also bought so stuff to throw on the grill tomorrow since it's supposed to be another nice, rain-free, day.

On Thursday we had a long talk with Zachary after discovering the money he'd been saving was dwindling. He finally helped us to understand that Jessie (the almost 10 yr. old little girl next door) has been selling him stuff and since Zach knows little about money, other than you need it to buy stuff and a dollar will buy more than a quarter, Miss Jessica has been racking up. She sold him the leftovers of her "oil" paint by number paints, a 50 piece jigsaw puzzle that came free in the mail, and a scooby do game boy game that was his in the first place. (He's also in trouble for the paint since he got some on the carpet in the playroom). Anyway, I threw away the paint and sent him back with the puzzle and instructions to come home with his money. Little Miss Con over there had charged him $8.00 for the goods and he recovered it and brought it home and put it back in his bank.

I'm sure glad his bank is one that is transparent or he'd still be going around happy with his purchases (except for the paint for which he may still have a stinging bottom over).

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