Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Wed eve some more

You know, this kid thing is pretty tough business when you've gotten a bit older. I almost forgot to feed Abie her lunch today. Zach isn't going to let you forget to feed him, but Miss Abie is quiet and so busy with her toys that I just forgot about real food until after our naps. I usually don't remember to eat until my stomach begins to rumble loud enough to wake the dead when I'm at home alone. Poor baby is probably hoping her mommy gets home soon although I know she's not starving because of the grazing she does. I just feel guilty that I forgot about a healthy lunch until 1pm today.

After we had a late lunch, we went to town to go to the bank and restock the chocolate milk and snacks. I bought a bag of apples and some grapes so that perhaps she'll be swayed towards more healthy snacks. While we were waiting in the check-out line a little old man parked himself behind me. I honestly thought it was accidental when he bumped me in the hip the first time (although it was a bit painful), so I turned and sort of gave him a questioning smile. The second time he pushed hard enough that I started to step around to the side of my cart and he nabbed my heel with his cart. The old fart didn't get a smile that time and I reckon the snarl gave him pause about doing it again. I hope he didn't think I was being slow or something cause there was someone in front of me being checked out. Abie kept saying as I limped my way out to the truck, "Nanny gotta booboo"?

I guess the old guy was just trying to make his day more amusing.

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