Tuesday, March 30, 2004


It's mostly the SOS around here. I did get out of my pjs long enough yesterday to go into Helena to do a few things that I've been putting off and I was on the phone a good bit the rest of the day trying to find out the status of new health insurance and set up appointments with two tax clients for Thursday.

James came home early since it had rained and was too wet to work in the fields so we had an early dinner at El Canaveral and came home to plant my dahlia bulbs and fertilize some of my other plants. I'm not sure why I bother since the farmer who owns the neighboring land usually kills or maimes everydamnthing I try to grow!!

One little bit of good news is the trees I planted last year (after they survived being mauled by the neighbor's dogs) are sprouting little tiny leaves. The advertised 10 ft a year growth has far to go though since they maybe grew 2 inches since I planted them. Ankle high is a longass way from 10ft. Don't you agree?

I've made an appointment to take Zach to talk with the doc on Friday. I think it'll make us both feel better to get him checked out.

I'm outta here now to prepare myself for a day with two of the girls again. MeriKate has another appointment in Little Rock today.

Now where'd I put that tranxene?

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