Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Tuesday ending

Whew, another long day but another nice one temperature-wise. The high today was only 67F so these sweats and "hell-fire" flushes I've been feeling could possibly be something to do with the weather. The mood swings,,,I doubt I can blame on the outside thermometer.

I want to thank everyone for admiring my new background and other changes. Ya'll just don't know what a difficult task that was for me to figure out. I've surfed around viewing sources to try to figure out how to put an image in the background and things just didn't come together for me. I couldn't get the code in the right spot. Finally I resorted to my old back up, Microsoft Front Page, and tried to remember some of the stuff they taught me in that class I took a few years ago.
I'm ashamed to say that the html for dummies and html for children sites didn't help me one damn bit!

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