Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Wednesday, isn't it?

This morning it took Zach exactly 1 hour and 20 minutes to eat 2 bites of cereal, brush his teeth, and put on a pair of socks, a shirt, jeans, and shoes. Abie put her little tiny jeans on, her shoes, and then informed me that she was ready to take Zach to school. When I told her that Georgie was taking Zach to school, she went to the door and said, "I go with Georgie". I now have her sitting in front of the TV watching cartoons. She's pouting because she couldn't go with Georgie.

I need to move my old butt soon and pick up around here. It's amazing how much scattering one little, tiny, girl can do. She barely eats anything at meal time but steadily grazes all day and I swear she can consume half her 26 lb weight in chips, cookies, chocolate milk, honey buns, and hot dogs.

I'm waiting for a call from Jami to know for sure if they'll do surgery on MeriKate tomorrow. She called last night and said the plastic surgeon told her he was going to try to schedule it for then. I'll have to call a tax client and reschedule them for Friday and call Cheryl so she will be available to watch Abie tomorrow then I'll be all set to go to Little Rock to be there with Jami. I also need to go sometime today to get some money out of the bank. I don't even have a dollar in my purse after the trip to McDonalds on Monday.

I'll get motivated here soon. Maybe.

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