Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Tuesday Recap

Jami brought the girls by around 9, then at 11 Jerri called and asked if I could keep the Chickie for the afternoon due to a sudden babysitter emergency. She brought her by on her lunch hour.

I can get a few things done when I have the older ones but with the Chickie, I have to be right there in the room with her. She's at that age where she thinks everything needs to be tasted and would just as soon taste a bug as a piece of chocolate. (in fact she ate a lady bug last summer and seemed to approve of the taste)

I did get start the vacuum and then spent a half hour trying to figure out why it wasn't picking stuff up. It seems that I had attached a hose where it wasn't supposed to be attached and in the process was doing nothing but recycling the dust (in and right back out, bypassing the bag).

The rest of my day was pretty much spent playing. The Chickie brought her new little "let's twist" musical toy bunny and by late afternoon I was ready to cut his little bunny throat.

We watched Dora the Explorer twice. We sang, we danced, we told nursery rhymes. We almost burned up the remote surfing cartoon channels.

Hubby called to check in on my sanity and when he heard that I had an extra little one he actually suggested that I order pizza takeout for supper. Imagine my surprise that he would think that I had not already thought of that but being the good wife that I am, I let him take the credit for the idea. I'm wondering if he really thought I was going to stop playing long enough to COOK!

Jerri picked the pizza up and brought it out after work and my son came by on his way home for work so we had a nice pizza supper that Nanny only had to provide paper plates for.

Last evening I spent a little time reading blogs (I'm so far behind I'm ashamed!) and then spent a little more time playing with the paint program so I will at least be able to draw a stick figure when the time comes to paint my canvas for the Special K art exhibit.

Hope everyone had a glorious day and woke up to another one today!

The musical Rabbit with the death wish.

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