Sunday, March 07, 2004


Today hasn't been such a good day. It started out fine. We drove to Forrest City, picked up a futon I bought from my friend Tammy, then came back home to cook on the grill. Jami and Keith came with their other 3 (Zach was already here as usual), and Bubbie and Jerri came with Alexis. Even had an extra since one of Bubbie's friends dropped by.

Then things went down hill. Fast.

Jami was riding the kids around the yard on the 4 wheeler. For some reason, and I'm not sure what this is as yet, they drove it behind the house about a half mile away. As far as we can understand, she was backing up to turn around and got to close to a 25 ft. drainage ditch and the ground gave way and they went into the ditch backwards. All the way to the bottom.

MeriKate, the one who'll be 4 next month was hurt badly. They had to airlift her to Children's hospital in Little Rock with multiple fractures of her eye socket and a fracture on her forehead, and facial gashes. Zach has a scrape wound across the top of his head, and Abie has minor scrapes and bruises. Krysten, by God's grace, did not have a scratch. They at first thought Jami had fractured her elbow but now believe it to be bruised badly.

Jami called a few minutes ago to say they'd done 2 cat scans on Merikate and her eye appears to be ok except for the fractures. They're keeping her in icu tonight and will do more tests tomorrow.

I've got Abie here with Zach and Jerri has Krysten and although they appear to be ok since we got the mud and grass cleaned off so we could see their injuries, we're taking them in to see their doc tomorrow to get a check up. I'm going to sleep with both kids tonight so I can keep an eye on them throughout the night.

Ya'll say a little prayer for our MeriKate tonight please.

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