Friday, March 26, 2004


In a few months we'll be having our 33rd wedding anniversary and I remember every one of those years. I've already started thinking of a gift for hubby to buy me because in the past I've learned if I don't give him a really good idea about a gift, really early, I'll end up with something he thinks I SHOULD want. For instance here's a list of modern, traditional anniversary gifts and a James list.

Traditional - James List
1st - Clock - Tire gauge
2nd - China - Oil and Oil filter
3rd - Crystal - New fishing reel
4th - Appliances - Fishing Boat
5th - Silverware - Tackle box
6th - Wood - New Shotgun
7th - Stationary - Dog training collar
8th - Linens - New Tarp for boat
9th - Leather - Hunting coat
10th - Diamond - Tools and tool box

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