Thursday, March 11, 2004


Another long day. MeriKate had a little episode last night and they did an emergency MRI at around 11pm. I think they finally came to the conclusion around midnight that the morphine was the culpret and they had to discontinue the pain meds for awhile.

Today they moved up the surgery time to 11 a.m. so I was at the hospital before 10. They finally took her in at about 12:45, sedated her, did a pre-op exam and brought her back out. There was still too much swelling to do the surgery. One doctor mentioned that if the bones are aligned in the proper place there is a possibilty that they won't do surgery at all. I think we are all wishing they'd make up their minds as to what they're going to do. She's got a wonderful team of doctors but just from the short time I was there today, I could see that there are times when they come in and get their information about another team member's opinion from the parents instead of from the patient charts. I suppose they get together when it's important to do so because MeriKate looks and feels a whole lot better today than she did late Monday evening.

She is getting up and moving around some but so far the only thing they've gotten her to eat is ice cream and a banana.

I have Zach and both his sisters now, since last night. Alexis has been sick with her tummy again and it's just too much for Jerri to keep trying to help by taking care of another one. I have an appointment with a tax client in the morning so I'm taking both the girls to the office after Zach leaves for school. I imagine it'll be a trial but ya gotta do what you gotta do.

The sister-in-law was there today and she mentioned in passing that Jami is certainly straight forward in her opinions. I told her of course she was, I taught her well not to put up with too much idiotic bullshit. She just put this big-eyed innocent look on her face and that's all she had to say about that. (grin)

MeriKate with mommy and daddy in surgery holding.

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