Monday, July 05, 2004

The Speedy saga.

During the first night of our visit with my sister in Missouri we met my nephew, Fisher's, little buddy, Speedy, the hamster. I'm not a great fan of hamsters since their appearance is much like that of a fuzzy rat, but I think Jerri's love of them was just a tad less than mine because she actually referred to him as The Rat.

Around 2 a.m. on Thursday morning I awoke to see Zach standing beside my bed with fear in his eyes. He was muttering something about Speedy as I tucked into bed beside me but it was the next morning before I realized that what he'd been saying was that during the night Speedy had escaped from the sleeping bag that he'd be sharing with my nephew.

I did a quick search upon finding Speedy's empty cage and we discussed the fact at breakfast that ole Speedy was probably hid out somewhere and it was doubtful that we'd find him since he'd had a head start on his escape.

On Saturday evening as we were gathering some of our things to pack for our return home the following day, I heard Jerri yelp, "Ohhhhh Shit!, it's the Rat!" It seems Speedy had decided that he should show himself to bid us goodbye and let himself be known by trapsing across Jerri's foot. We were so thankful that she didn't stomp on the little fella.

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