Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Name my bird

Ok, so far we've had some good ones here but there's still several weeks before The Bird's homecoming so ya'll have time to get your thinking caps on. So far we have:

Shasta, borwwwd
Mr/Ms Harland Sanders II
Jazz, Yellow/Blue Jug

I've been reminded again of some of the pet names I thought up over the years. I had a Banny chicken named Brenvic, A cocker spaniel named Hinkle (originally Twinkle but my sister couldn't say it), a squirrel named Violet, dogs named Hunter, Jack, Fancy, Gizmo, and Useless, and a ginger cat named 'Tin-Tin.


Kim, over at Bacon and Ehs dared her readers to post a photo of our 80's hairdos. This isn't a closeup mind you, but it will show that I wasn't a stylin kinda gal back then but I am a daring kinda one so I'll put it up here.

1982 with my sisters and 4 of my half-brothers

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