Wednesday, July 21, 2004

A few more photos

MeriKate, Krysten, and Abie

Playing on the trampoline

Doesn't this look like a terrorist to you?

It's been a long day here. The Chickie and her Mommy came before noon and my son came after work so they stayed for supper. Nanny has been playing all afternoon.

I thought I had Zach talked into going to Bible School so we could have a little break from each other and to have 10 minutes alone with James because he is complaining about how he's being left out in the "cold" for months now (because Zach refuses to go home even for a visit!) However, about an hour before time to go, Zach decided that he didn't want to leave me so when James came in from work I told him he'd best go buy winter gear for that "cold" he continues to moan about.

Like I'd have any energy to bring him in out of the cold anyway.

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