Saturday, July 17, 2004

It's Saturday and

I've been doing the domestic goddess thing again today but the only problem
with that is I'm not actually domestic goddess material.

My day began with a side trip to the bathroom whereupon my big ass was
tossed in the floor by what I suspect is a "terrorized"
toilet seat. One of the doohickies that holds it on
mysteriously disappeared. He's been pleading innocent but I still
have my suspicions due to his current misdemeanor record.

After having only one cup of coffee and not nearly enough time to attend to
my blog reading, Hubby was back home from work because it rained last
night and the fields are muddy. He decided to piddle around in
the garden for a bit and ended up picking more peas and some green
beans so I've been shelling and snapping. The canner now has
another full load that'll be ready to turn off and cool in about 40

I've also prepared some stuffed bell peppers and cabbage rolls and have them
in the crockpot. James and Zach have already asked me twice when
supper would be ready.

The nondomesticated part of me, which is the part that has control most of
the time, wants a nap but the pile of dirty laundry, and the
vacuum, and this damned cluttered office, says that a nap is not in my
Saturday future.

I feel like June Cleaver without the dress and pearls.

Have a great Saturday folks!!

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