Thursday, July 01, 2004

Low Tolerance

For some reason, certain people enjoy it when other people are suffering. I don't know why they are like that. Maybe it's because others did the same to them growing up and this gives them a feeling of power that they wished they had. Small-minded people thrive on the misery of others, because the misery elevates the self-esteem perhaps.

I don't know.

They do not realize the people they hurt most have nothing to do with the person they do not like for whatever reason. They take something as silly as politics to the extreme like it was something that could be painted black or white, right or wrong. They say we come here to protest, when we all know it's just their game they like to play to pass their time at work or life at home. These arguments are used to pass their time and nothing more. They do not care who they bother or who they disturb, as long as they are able to pass some time. Time in which their life is stagnant.

I also believe that this sort of person is a hypocritical do-gooder in that they'll take their charitable actions to the extreme as long as there's something in it for them, even if that something is unrecognizable to most as being worthwhile.

I try to accept this type of person because I have a tendency to disbelieve that anyone can have such a cold spirit and a person with this sort of personality does sometimes offer offer comic relief to one's normal, daily activities.

Lately my tolerance for acceptance has been very low.

I don't know.

Blame it on my age or something.

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