Thursday, July 29, 2004

Chemical Warfare

As I was driving into town earlier this week I again noticed the plastic gallon containers strewn about beside the road and in the ditches down at the end of my road across from the air strip. Knowing that this was a strip for ag planes and that those jugs had been there for a good long time, I decided to stop on my way back home and take photos of the mess and to try to see what sort of chemicals the containers had held.

Most of the containers had lain there so long that the labels had disintergrated or had faded so that they were unreadable but I did find a couple that were labeled as some sort of fungicide which supposedly aren't dangerous to humans or plantlife. I took the photos anyway because they load all manner of farm chemicals onto the airplanes at that strip and some of that stuff is responsible for the death and disease of my garden and yard plants, and for rashes and allergies that we too often have in the summer.

Jerri came by the corner about 30 minutes after I had stopped and taken the photos and the containers were no longer there. Funny how that works, huh?

Now I wish I had taken photos the day that I saw the backhoe down there burying those barrels.

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