Saturday, July 03, 2004

Oh, it's Saturday huh?

I lost a day there somewhere.

Last night while chatting on IM with that Special K that we all know and love, she gave me some tips on how to use my stat counter. I looked in the margin on the stat page and, lo and behold, there were other informational items to be found.

For instance, I found out that every time I opened up my blog page it put a hit on my counter. No wonder I was getting more numbers up there than I was getting comments about my witty ways. So I fixed that little do-hicky beings that I don't want to count ME.

Then I looked a little further and found that my blog had been accessed through search engines a few times yesterday when folks were searching for things such as

Brenda big&start
whats up with girls
amusement park braless
braless boobs photos
daisy duke type stretch shorts

Weird, but it could also be that these folks are like me and can't spell for shit.

Have you ever noticed that it doesn't much matter what you're searching for, there's a porn site for it? Really, there are some things I'd rather not know the details of.

Thought ya'll might appreciate this t-shirt I bought for hubby at Bass Pro last week.

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