Monday, July 12, 2004

Last post about Amsterdam

I've presented the Amsterdam tour backwards because we spent so much time that day in the Red Light district and at the Anne Frank House. We did, however, do a little more during our day trip.

The first thing we did after arriving by train was to take a canal boat tour. That was pretty awesome because the boats passed along the streets as though the canal were just another lane on a highway (which canals in Amsterdam actually are).

platform inside Central Station

We took the canal tour in a boat like the one on the left in the photo.

See the little tunnels going under the street bridges? It took some maneuvering to get through some of those.

CanKoepelkerk Church Dome

We also took a walk and went to the Van Gogh museum and to Dam Square (de dom). Dam square is the physical center of the city and we decided, as we walked and went into shops along the way, to meet at Dam Square if we got separated. To the west the square is flanked by the Royal Palace which doesn't really resemble a palace due to it being originally designed as the city hall but it was elegant nonetheless.

Dam Square

The Royal Palace in Dam Square

Now we come to the end of the Amsterdam tour. I hope ya'll enjoyed it. I don't expect to spend much time there during my next trip since I'll probably be helping Soony with last minute wedding things.

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