Sunday, July 20, 2003

Yesterday was a long day. We had Alexis (our little southern chickie) until about 10 or so Friday evening and even took her and the Zach attack to dinner at the Mexican place with us for our anniversary celebration. How romantic is that? (about as romantic as I feel after 32 yrs actually). Jerri (the chickie's mommy) had a softball tournament this weekend so we had the Chickie again all day yesterday. Nanny now feels like she has been hefting weights, moving mountains, and can barely move this morning!

At just a tad over 5 months, Alexis weighs in at 19lbs 2ozs now. I figure that's about the same weight as the bags of dog food that I buy for hubbies hunting dog. I've come to the conclusion that the dog food is easier to handle because it does not wiggle when you are picking it up or holding it, and it does not do acrobatics when you have it balanced on a hip as you try to do other things thereby putting a strain on all of your muscles to keep it from falling on it's head. I also think the bag of dog food would not try to get away in the middle of a diaper change.

The wiggling dog food aside though, we did have a few firsts to add to the Alexis book of wonders. Nanny gave her a first try of pancakes with Hungry Jack syrup that turned into her full breakfast with a sip of milk after. That little chickie is now a big fan of flapjacks! She also liked her first taste of an orange push-up though we had to do the bath thing afterwards.

Today we are going to cook hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill for the kids and their kids so it should be another interesting day. Nanny is hoping for a couple of days of rest after this though so wish me luck!
,,,,,,,,,8 more days,,,,,,,

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