Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Last week Kat and I were chatting on IM, and since our conversations tend to flow from one subject to the next with little regard for anything other than what pops into our head at the time, we had a short discussion about the New Madrid Fault.

I was telling her about my first experience with an tremor. We have felt them here several times, or should have were it not for there being tremors in my house all the time from kids running around and wrecking havoc, but I hadn't given it much thought until a few years ago when there was widespread panic in our area over some prediction about the "big one" from some dude who didn't even live in the good old U.S. A few years ago, I also read a fictional novel called "The Rift" by Walter J. Williams and I must say that it pretty much scared the shit out of me.

The experts are still predicting a 90% likelihood of a quake or quakes of the same magnitude as the ones that occurred in 1811-1812 but I've pretty much put the worries about it in the same spot where I hold the ones about having a tornado blast through my bedroom some night (or day). It could happen, but damned if it does any good to lose any sleep over it. Right?

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