Thursday, July 24, 2003

So much for thinking today would be any easier. After all that hopping around to get us up, dressed, and on the road this morning, here I sit.

When I drove through the storm on Tuesday I had my truck headlights on, and dingbat that I am sometimes, I failed to turn them off. That battery is as dead as a doornail.
Sooooo,,,since I failed to drop Zach off with his mom this morning and make my escape, she found that she just had to accompany her husband to the doctor. Now I am here with a dead truck AND 4 kids.

Does everyone see the flashing "Sucker" sign on my forehead? (It's right below the one that says "Fuck ME" ).

When and if Jami picks up 3 of these children and I get over the trauma of the experience, I must get my lazy ass outdoors and spray insecticide and do some trimming. I am so trying to look ahead to the feelings of accomplishment that I'll have when I'm done.

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