Thursday, July 17, 2003

I can't get into my server email right now. They've been down three times this week so finally last night I decided I'd try Earthlink as a back up for a few months. So far I'm not sure I like it much but we'll see.

I worked this morning for awhile and picked Zach up before noon. Since then he's done everything but tie me up and leave me in a closet. While I was trying to fold and put laundry away, he kept jumping out from this hiding spot or that with a big balloon that he'd bop at me. I finally threatened his life and he put that toy away.

Next I became absorbed in my book (big mistake), he opened a bottle of STP gas treatment that his ding-dong PopPop had left sitting on the porch and tipped a little of it in an air conditioner vent. I went in search for him when the smell hit the living room.

As I type this, he's sitting behind me in my chair, with his arms around my neck. Hard to believe this is the same spawn of satan that gave me hell all afternoon, but I know well the little horns hidden beneath his halo!

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