Thursday, July 10, 2003

I watched the news this evening and now I'm furious. In the past few days there have been two babies killed from being left behind in a freakin Daycare Van. WHAT is wrong with these fucking people?? How on earth to you FORGET a baby? In one of the instances it was the child's mother, who was half owner of the daycare, who left her OWN child in a van.

I've been a mother for 31 years now, and let me tell you people. You don't forget your children. First of all, they don't allow you to forget them if you are breathing and conscious enough to pay the least bit of attention. Secondly, I was with them so much, that even if the rare occasion happened that I was without them, I still looked for them. At hearing the word "Mom" while I'm out shopping, I've been known to reply automatically, even if it was someone else's child. Kids become a habit if you are even a half-ass decent mother/parent.

I can't think of a punishment severe enough for these folks. Those babies died in agony!

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