Tuesday, July 15, 2003

I had a good dinner last night. The shrimp was good and the banana pudding that I had for dessert was yummy!! We played the slots for a few minutes on the way out and James won about $40, I lost my $5 and was proud that it wasn't more! I should have followed his lead and played the nickel slots, but I went to the quarters since I'd rather just lose mine and not fiddle-fart around about it. I am normally not lucky when gambling. I did find a cute little hummingbird figurine at the gift shop on my way out so I didn't leave with nuttin!

It's hot outdoors already today. I went out earlier and picked about a peck of tomatoes that were ripe. I think for lunch I'll make a sandwich of turkey on wheat and slice some of them and pig out. I could also make a meal out of cheddar cheese, tomatoes, and Triscuit wheat crackers. Dang,,I'm getting hungry again here.

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