Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Things Teachers Hate About The First Day of School,,,,,

Getting adjusted to new and itchy bulletproof vests.

Discovering the SWAT team used up all the chalk on last year's sidewalk body outlines.

Realizing students have become experts in the three R's: Reading, 'Riting and the Rasslin'.

After spending the entire summer getting buff, the girls gym teacher still beats me at arm wrestling.

Kids turning in essays on "Who I Shot Over Summer Vacation".

Trying to talk over all that cross-fire.

Students asking if they can take a 5 minute ammunition break.

Having to erase 500 lines of "THE NEW TEACHER SUCKS" off the blackboard.

Having to give math problems only using grams and kilos.

At the beginning of class the students are in a chemistry lab, by the end of class, it's a crystal-meth lab.

They only time they wake-up in botany class is when you mention the words "mushrooms" and "grass".

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