Thursday, July 03, 2003

As I browse through this blog and that to try to get an understanding of how other people in the world feel about things, I've noticed one thing that stands out. Men's blogs tend to be of the political, or technical, or philosophical sort, while women's lean more toward the entertainment, or humorous, or "this is REAL life" type.

I had a friend explain to me, in simple terms of course, the difference in a male brain and a female one. It's genetics friends. Way back yonder, when we evolved from whatever it was we evolved from, the primary job of the male of the species was to hunt for food and protect the weaker of the species from dinosaurs, or big-ass bears, or something. That was it, therefore, the male has evolved with limits to his attention span and his ability to concentrate on more than one thing at a time. (I'm sure every female has noticed this lack of attention and concentration when speaking to a male as he watches a TV program).

Women, while the male was out hunting and kicking bear ass, tended to children (oh I forgot the breeding part), made sure said children didn't get eaten by the bear as he was getting his ass kicked, cooked whatever the male had hunted and killed (after the invention of fire of course, which was probably done by a woman), cleaned and tanned the hides and made clothing out of them, kicked stray rocks out of the caves, took the bones out to the trash pile, and could still tell you what everyone in the cave neighborhood was doing or talking about. Women, you see, can concentrate and DO many things at once. Their brains have even evolved to take shortcuts in order to jump to conclusions much faster.

Over the years, hundreds of years, (thousands of years?) very little has changed in the way men and women think and concentrate. Men still hunt and protect (the hunting has changed to include bringing home a bigger paycheck for doing the same or less than a woman in the same position and the protecting is usually with the aid of a big gun or baseball bat, or mortars, or tanks). Women are still responsible for everything else and manage to keep up with the neighborhood gossip to boot!!

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