Monday, July 07, 2003

Well I made it though another Monday. Zach was up to par with his terrorist activities, and Alexis was cranky today so I was pretty tied down with keeping her entertained all day. And to make things ever more interesting, I was a total Fumbleina today. Four ounces of formula easily looks like a gallon when you spill it on the counter and it runs under the coffee maker and microwave. Then thinking that I'd settle my nerves with a nice cup of coffee, I ended up tossing the full cup all over my white kitchen floor. But I held on to the cup so at least there weren't broken bits of glass in the mess.

Zach has discovered horseflies and he has also discovered that he doesn't like horseflies. He thinks they wait outside the door for him. Thinking I'd do a little good with this situation (such as keep him from playing in the mud and water so much) I told him that they won't bother you if you aren't wet or sweaty. Now every time he decides to go outdoors to play he wants me to smell him to see if he's sweaty! I've probably scarred him for life.

I did photos of my vines this morning before my son arrived with Alexis. I'm still waiting to see my first hummingbird of the season.

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