Thursday, July 17, 2003

1. Toilet Paper -- Over or Under?

I cuss and fuss and get it in the holder whichever way it will go in!

2. Opening Gifts -- Shred or Nicely?


3. Making Grocery List -- Sequence or Random?

I used to do the sequence in order of the store layout. Then I gave up cause I had kids, couldn't keep up with a list, and now I forget half of what I go after. I'm a lost cause.

4. Clean Mugs in the Cupboard -- Handles in same direction or who cares?

Which direction?

5. Folding Towels -- Short side together first or long side?

Short side, then both ends folded in.

6. Clean Socks -- Folded in a ball or flat?

Folded in a ball for hubby, I rarely wear socks

7. Person who put this list together -- Normal or too much time on her hands?

She's normal. Everyone is normal these days aren't they?

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