Thursday, July 03, 2003

I've cleaned out my truck this afternoon. I didn't vaccum or dust it out, just moved out a lot of junk that has been breeding in there since tax season.

Removed to the house or the trash:

1 full briefcase
3 empty Dr. Pepper Bottles
5 plastic easter eggs
1 minuture doll-sized backpack
1 dime
4 old newspapers
1 kiddy magazine
1 baseball mitt
1 file rack
1 small picnic cooler
1 empty cigarette pack
3 empty cassette tape cases
1 petrified Sonic frenchfry
1 box of Sugar Babies

Things I left in the back or under the back seat:

1 beach umbrella (hell, it's been there 3 yrs now, might as well)
2 regular umbrellas
1 lawnchair (so I won't have to sit on the grass anywhere and fear the ciggers)

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