Monday, November 29, 2004

Today's the day!

I finally got to sleep around 1 a.m. this morning and was awake at 5 but so far I'm functioning. Just maybe I'll sleep tonight on the flight, ya think?

I laid down with Zach until he went to sleep last night and the reality that Nanaw is going to be gone for 2 weeks hit him. He is not a happy camper. First I had to explain to him that I will not be on the airplane for 2 weeks because he started crying when he thought they might not have enough food on there to last for 2 weeks and I might get hungry. Then he started talking about how I always took him with me on trips and 2 weeks was a long time. I explained to him, again, that he had semester tests at school next week and also if he missed 2 whole weeks of school he wouldn't get to go into the 3rd grade next year. I told him to think about how fast 2 weeks go by during the Christmas holidays when he's out of school. He said, "But Nanaw, it's the nights, you won't be here for the nights".

I cried too then.

I know this trip alone will be good for me and I keep telling myself that it'll be good for him too. And it will, won't it?

I'm outta here folks. I'll be posting as I can the next two weeks and ya'll feel free to send me a note at the gmail addy link down there.

Big hugs all round!

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