Thursday, November 25, 2004

I go away for a few hours ,,,

to chomp down on some fine vittles and have a delightful afternoon with my 3 children and ALL their children and I come back to find that my comments have been providing a free gripe section for comic artists.

Dayum, how did anything I have to say get to be so damned important? I'm amazed but I damn sure hope it's not hunting season for ditzy blonds with sore aching joints and those gals don't have a gun.

I threw dinner on the table here for James and Zach and then after I loaded the dishwasher I went to my son's to visit with him and my two daughters and daughter-in-law and all those busy babies. We spent the afternoon playing 90's Triva and this Nanny found out that she musta slept right through those years. Jami and Jerri took up the slack or else Bubbie and Trish would have beat us unmercifully but as it was they only beat us lightly.

And I got photos!!

First time ever to have them all in the same place and cooperating long enough to take a photo.

Trisha, probably having to explain one of the questions to us cause we were so dense we didn't understand some of them.

Jami, pretending to look like she's thinking when actually NONE of us were thinking too hard.

Bubbie (James too), reading one of our questions. He, along with Trish, were killing us with their knowledge of movies and sports.

Jerri, pretending to be a very special reindeer.

This bunch had me laughing all afternoon and I had an excellent time. I sure do love em.

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