Sunday, November 21, 2004

Lazy Sunday (just joking)

Actually I was pretty lazy for a couple of hours. James took Zach with him to the shop to work on Bubbie's truck and Jami and the girls and Jerri and the Chick didn't get here until noonish so I did a little laundry, took an uninterrupted shower, put the chicken in the pot for my dumpling supper, and started watching a Lifetime movie. Once the kiddies got here things livened up a bit. Quite a bit.

I believe 11 folks ended up sharing in the chick and dumplings and Jerri made some delicious apple turnovers (there's not even a crumb of those left!) We even had an extra diner today because Bubbie's friend, Jeremy, was with him and he didn't have to be asked twice to eat a bite.

After the mid-afternoon dinner/supper, Jerri spread some newspaper on the table and gave the kids markers so they spent the rest of the afternoon drawing.

Now Nanny's a little bit tired.

Our budding artists

The paper wasn't big enough

Don't they look underfed?

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