Friday, November 26, 2004

I keep telling myself it's just 2 more days and a bit,,,

but if I have many more like today I may not make it.

First I did a little housework and Zach and I put up the Christmas tree. A little after 1, James took Zach hunting with him so I decided it would be a good time to slip off to go to the small Sears store here to get laundry detergent. On the way I nearly had a head-on encounter with some guy with a death wish who swerved to my side of the road while I was crossing a bridge and couldn't get out of his way. I don't know how he missed me but I'm sure glad he did. It took the rest of the drive into town for my heart to leave my tonsils though.

I'd told my son that I'd pick up his truck parts if he'd call ahead for them to have them ready for pickup. He did, but do you think they had them ready? After waiting for 30 minutes for them to decide that they had the parts (cause the puter said so) but didn't know which parts they were and would have to get them from another store (40 miles away) I told them I'd be back after I finished my other errands and left with the beginnings of a pissy mood brewing.

As I was backing out of the parking spot a car pulled behind me and I failed to see it (although I'd looked in all 3 mirrors and over my shoulder). When I felt the bump my pissy mood immediately came to a rolling boil. I got out to see how much damage I'd done and all it did was knock some of the dirt off this older model car. The cranked up lady doper in the passenger seat was insisting that it was minor so I should just give them cash for the repairs and should not call the police. I agreed about the police because I don't think they'd have appreciated being called out over a little dust but I declined the cash idea and gave them my insurance information and they left and I left.

I finally went on to Wal mart to pick up a few forgotten things and as usual they didn't have enough checkers. (insert several curse words here).

I then went to Sears to get the laundry detergent (which was really what I went to town for) and Erwin was there so it took 10 times longer than it should have because Erwin always loves to talk. That Erwin is one of a kind.

Then back to the auto parts place where the guy still hadn't come back with the parts from the other store. I waited some more and then I finally told them if they didn't want to see one of my Wal mart fits, they'd better have some food in that place somewhere because I'd forgotten to eat today and I was HUNGRY! Luckily for them, they had leftover pizza from lunch (big grin).

My next stop was at my insurance place that was closed for the holidays. I called my son on my cell while I was in their parking lot to ask him to meet me so I could give him his parts. He did, but I was listening to "Something In The Air Tonight" on the radio and missed him at the redlight so he had to chase me down.

FINALLY, I got to come home!

Now I'm tired and I still haven't packed one, single, thing. And I have to go back to town on Monday to get a few travelers checks for my trip.