Saturday, November 20, 2004

How do they do it?

Zach was sent to his room at 9:30 this morning to clean it. It is now after 11:00 and it's still not done. He keeps escaping with excuses about being thirsty, needing to find his tractor, needing to pee, needing someone to help him.

Mind you noone helped him create the mess.

I haven't done much to his room because originally it was supposed to be a play room, I even spent time putting up kid-type learning decorations back a couple of years ago. Those didn't last long. Now, Zach is here full time until the time comes when he might want to live with his mom again so the room needs to be a bedroom also.

I have learned over the years (but keep forgetting) that some kids are very destructive and we've got a whole heap of them (kids) here. I think things would have to be put on the ceiling to keep them intact and then I'd still have doubts.
The window in there only has a valance right now because they destroyed the blinds. So I bought curtains, those were pulled down and the rods made into swords. There is a little hole in the wall beside the closet where the Terrorist was searching for answers , as in what is behind this wall, because he's not been able to give me any other explanation for it. I've put the screws back into everything in there that had screws because he likes using a screwdriver. The little ones can manage to do more artwork on little areas of the walls faster than I can find energy to clean them. I haven't found anything to remove the little spots of craft paint from the carpet from one of Zach's artistic endeavers back last year. A search under the bed for a pair of lost shoes might turn up a banana peel, or candy wrappers, or a week old, half-full glass of chocolate milk.

I've been having thoughts of doing some decorating in there in the Spring. I think I'll do a search on the internet for Child Proof rooms. Perhaps stainless steel wall covering and furniture and decorative bars on the windows would be nice. I could also put in a tile floor with a drain so that I could just bring in the water hose and wash it down once a week.

I'm open to ideas, what do ya'll think?

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