Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Because I'm Pissed off Right Now

I've been working on a Christmas template and a couple of days ago I thought it would be neat to put an Off the Mark cartoon on there by Mark Parisi. I sent an email to him requesting permission to do this although all of his cartoons have his link on them giving him credit for his fine work, I felt that I should ask before putting one his cartoon on my template for a few weeks. I had also planned to post cartoons below some of my daily entries.

When I know the artist or author of a cartoon or graphic I try to give them credit if I'm putting it on my template. This is not easy for me since I'm surely no techno wizard, but I try.

Anyway, undoubtedly Mr. Parisi doesn't have time to reply to emails because I received an email from one of his associates who told me that I could purchase the rights to place a few of the cartoons, or if my site were appropriate and had enough traffic, I could post a few if I'd add a link to his online store. That was cool so I sent an email saying that I'd be glad to place the link.

The associate then sent me an email with a link to go to in order to choose which cartoons I wanted to use.


How in the hell can I choose today which cartoons I want to use over the next few weeks? Hell, I could change my mind a dozen times today and over the course of 4 or 5 weeks, well you can just imagine. So I sent another email saying it was just too much trouble to go through but thanks anyway (and it is to post a few of his funnies) and I got this reply:

Well golly,

It's way too much trouble for you to look at a page of cartoons and select
which cartoons you want to use? And then when I send you the cartoon, you
have to add a link? Gosh, I had no idea how time-consuming it would be for

Happy holidays.


I have to assume this person did not understand my simple minded request which to me just needed a simple YES or NO. But let me tell you folks, this email completely pissed me off enough to say FUCK Off the Mark cartoons!! How dare this person treat me with disdain! I must say I had no such problem with using Blossom Fuller cartoons on my site. So my reply to this person was:

Kind (Person) with a very Smart mouth,

I am limited to dial up out here in the country and your page takes forever to load for those of us without access to the fast access , I have a Neilson tech coming in 15 minutes, and I've got a broken water line. I thought I could simply link each cartoon back to you so please forgive me for thinking.


P.S. Does your employer realize how you "write" to his fans?
Perhaps you should make that, a previous fan.

Ok, I I've let off the steam and diverted the volcano but I won't be a fan of Mark Parisi OR his Off the Mark cartoons again.

And I sent the Nielson folks back to Memphis, they wanted to drill holes in my HOUSE! They can just do without my viewing information.