Wednesday, November 24, 2004

One Step Forward and Two Steps Back

It looks like it's going to be another hit and miss kinda day around here. James and Jeffery (the early morning, coffee drinking, neighbor who also shares the service line), hubby's brother, and my son, are all out there digging up the world with a backhoe to try to find this water leak. I hope they find it without having to dig up the whole mile of line. We had another couple of inches of rain last night so I expect the washer and dryer will also be busy later (when I have water) since they're digging and sloshing through mud and water.

Nielsen contacted me last week and I agreed to let them attach a little thingy to my TV tuners so they can count our country TV viewing in their ratings. I warned them about hubby's finesse with the remote and his ability to watch 4 or more programs at the same time but they said it didn't matter. Anyway, the Nielsen tech will be here inside an hour, if he's on time, so I'd better go put some clothes on.

And I better start thawing that turkey.

Ya'll have a great day out there, ya hear?


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