Friday, November 19, 2004

It's Friday!

I am not a morning conversationalist but morning conversation with a midget terrorist is the norm around here although neither of us gets much of anything out of it.

Zach: I need a dollar.

Nanny: Why?

Zach: To buy a ribbon for the pep rally.

Nanny: There is no pep rally today, they lost their first play-off game, they're done.

Zach: No they're not. The Warriors didn't beat them last year.

Nanny: Well they beat them this year.

Zach: But not last year.

Nanny: I promise you, they are not having a pep rally today. They lost. They're done.

Zach: Nanaw, you are going to be in so much trouble if they lose because you won't give me money for a ribbon for the pep rally.

Nanny: Ok, tell them it was all my fault.

The topic then turned to the reason he was still sitting there in his underwear with one sock on. (but I must admit, the fact that he was wearing his underwear on his butt and not on his head, where it had been 10 minutes previously, was an improvement).

God I love that school bus. Thank YOU! Amen!

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