Friday, November 12, 2004

A Couple of Dreary Days in Arkansas

I know we need rain occasionally but lately rainy days mean that little gets done around here cause they make me lazy.

The school bus should be coming in a few minutes and then I'm going to take a hot, soaking, bath and then go to the dreaded WalMart to buy dog food. That'll make for an exciting day, won't it?

Hubby forgot rule number one this morning. You'd think after more than 33 years he'd learn.

I'd been up less than 2 minutes when he went out the front door and came back in bitching cause it rained some time during the night and he'd left his boots on the front porch. He was bitching because the weather forecast didn't call for rain last night therefore it was the weatherman's fault that he had wet boots. (never mind the fact that it wasn't the weatherman that left his danged boots on the porch).

I laughed because he does this stuff all the time and even in my sleep-fogged mind, I thought it was damned funny that he'd actually bitch about a weather forecaster out loud. Heck, everyone knows to take what they say with a grain of salt.

My mistake, cause after I laughed it became MY fault that his boots were wet because I get pretty danged upset if he wears his muddy boots into the house. (which is not true by the way, I get upset if he wears them on the carpet, but there is the back door that leads into the utility room where he should have come in, and being upset over mud in redneck country can cause enough stress to kill ya).

What can I say? I should be mad as hell because he told our neighbor, who was still here after having his morning coffee, that he'd just throw all my "shit" out in the yard and me with it, but I'm still laughing.

Maybe I should have offered to call the weatherman to complain about the rain.

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